Our familiarity with the the retail industry and insight into behavior of mobile users help us build retail apps and customized e-commerce solutions that make shopping a unique, memorable experience…

The Problem.

Today’s customers want to make their purchases at a speed they choose, at a location of their choice, and at the time they feel the need. The success of retailers depends on how well they adapt to these expectations – how quickly they bring to the table customized mobile retail apps.

The competition is going to be even more intense. Each brand, each store fights for better visibility, for winning customer loyalty – and these fights are more challenging than ever before. To win, you need to connect with consumers on multiple channels, to create a connected and integrated shopping experience, both in-store and online.

The Solution.

Matsuu helps brick-and-mortar retailers, e-commerce companies and hybrid retail stores engage with shoppers, cultivate brand loyalty and streamline their operations.

We can bring on the table almost ready retail apps – solutions for logistics, workflow automation and customer relations. Our experience in integrating social data with market intelligence and store-specific analytics software will provide you unique insights in your business, helps you refine pricing strategy, procurements and product assortment.

Our service offerings for the retail industry span across the following areas of expertise:

Omni-channel retailing.

Provide a unified shopping experience in physical and virtual space, giving consumers the flexibility of browsing in the store and making purchases online, and vice-versa.

Mobile Wallets.

Offer a convenient and secure way to pay bills with just a few taps.

POS systems.

Allow retailers flexibility of taking their offer directly to the consumers and doing business anywhere through the cloud-hosted solutions.

In-store mobile devices.

Tablets and mobile devices can be used for accepting payments, product demos and social sharing, as the convenient and engaging way of interaction with consumers.

Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Bring a sparkle of awesomeness to your offer using 3D objects in augmented reality on smartphone screen – or even whole new VR worlds, accessible through the popular Google Cardboard.

Near Field Communication.

Get in touch with your customers within store by using radio beacons – and deliver personalized, relevant messages, based on their preferences and location.

Loyalty Programs.

Incorporate customized rewards for increased participation and brand loyalty through applications which track individual shopping patterns and social information.


Help people find your store in the area, see its opening times and facilities, promote your activity in the neighborhood.

Retail Mobile Application Suite

Customer Apps.

  • Mobile Commerce
  • In-store catalogue
  • Location based marketing
  • Loyalty app
  • Store locator
  • Self-check out
  • In-store navigation
  • Price list
  • Allergy check

Enterprise Apps.

  • Inventory App
  • Mobile PoS
  • Sales floor assistant
  • Warehouse management
  • In-store audit
  • Dashboards
  • Approval management
  • Time-card and real-time commision management


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