Why m-commerce matters?

According to Juniper Research, the value of m-commerce transactions is expected to top $3.2 trillion by end of 2017.

It is no wonder that everyone is talking about mobile applications in commerce and sales. But talking is not enough. Have you ever considered to leverage a m-commerce approach and make more money?

Its a good time to consider your business strategy now, then make bold decisions and include your company amongst winners of mobile revolution. The game is open not only for the big players, everyone has its chance now.

What is m-commerce?

m-commerce is a special case of e-commerce, transactions of buying or selling online. It’s defined as “the buying and selling of goods and services via mobile technologies and devices” – customer is using smartphone to buy articles or pay bills.

This shift from e-commerce to mobile commerce has been propelled by increasing numbers of smartphones in use. Modern mobile operating systems and powerful hardware have enabled smoother interfaces and removed all former frictions of m-commerce. With the advent of secure mobile payment technologies, customers became more daring with their money.

m-commerce from business point of view


Online sales in 2010.


Online sales by 2020.


Worth of online sales by 2020.

With such trends making mobile just a one of many marketing strategies is no longer valid. Mobile must be taken as top priority. Business owners must approach this strategically, both in the field of app design and customer behavior.

Our m-commerce solutions.

  • mobile shopping
  • mobile ticketing
  • mobile money transfer
  • information services
  • mobile content purchase
  • mobile marketing
  • location based services

Using mobile devices in advertisement gives unique chance to reach customers with memorable, personal experiences, stand out amongst competitors. With all possibilites of gamification, augmented reality, location-based games and customized offerings, mobile marketing become a effective tool for not only sales, but also for strenghtening customers loyalty and engagement.

Matsuu m-commerce services.

  • mobile commerce market research: analysis of trends in industries and customer expectations for future business solutions
  • mobile commerce apps development: mobile apps designed and build according to specific needs of clients
  • e-commerce to m-commerce transformation: easy path of migration from online websites to mobile apps
  • end to end solutions: complex architectures involving both mobile and online frontends with common backend of the store
  • mobile commerce marketing services: multifaceted campaigns for increase brand recognition
  • mobile commerce legal audits

Right information at the right time can be of great value to the right people. A wide variety of paid information services can be delivered to the mobile users, including traffic reports, stock quotes, sales data, market research.

Service providers can use mobile apps for quick delivery of such informations. By pushing it straight on the screen of mobile device, they can get competetive advantage over standard websites and provide added value to their customers.

Why choose Matsuu?

There are a lot of different reasons why our customers trust us in development of mobile solutions for them. Here are most relevant ones in the field of m-commerce:

  • holistic approach: we’re not only for technology, but also for business consulting, social marketing and creative design
  • experience in providing stable, secure, industry-proven mobile shopping solutions
  • agile development process suits unique needs of customer
  • good insight in market trends and fads
  • post-deployment support, training and guidance
  • multilingual, multicultural competence