We work with medical professionals and established healthcare organizations to build innovative healthcare apps, giving them an opportunity to widen their current service offerings, reduce costs and provide better ongoing care.

The Problem.

Today mobile healthcare apps and platforms accelerate change in every part of the health industry – wellness, fitness, healthcare and pharmaceutical. No wonder that many organizations in these fields have discovered that mobile applications can be a effective way to promote and deliver their services and products. In this way companies can optimize healthcare costs, improve patient outcomes, and better understand patients’ needs.

The Solution.

Our apps enable healthcare providers to securely share crucial information with patients and leverage social media to connect patients, healthcare providers, and insurance companies. In our work we use innovative approaches towards applications of cloud computing, big data analytics, and machine learning in healthcare products.

All of this can truly renew the customer experience in cost-effective way and help in deriving better health outcomes.

Our solutions include:

Digital Consulting.

Information and insights to guide the use of mobile solutions for comprehensive healthcare. Matsuu can work with you to implement mobile strategy based on the analysis of your infrastructure, policies, workflows and supporting technologies.

Mobility Productivity and Collaboration.

By designing office productivity and collaboration solutions tailored to your needs you will gain secure and controlled access to healthcare resources and data about patients and their treatments.

Mobile Patient Care.

Regardless of the location, our solution enables providers to communicate with patients through their mobile or connected devices. Such secure platform helps patients share recovery developments with the physician, book and confirm appointments, track medication doses and usage and track progress of their treatments.

Navigation and guides.

Patients, their family members and friends will be able to locate any department on any floor easily. An interactive map in plain way can explain where the wards, cafeteria, ER and other facilities are located and show the best way to access them. 360 degree views can show them experience of the in-patients rooms.

Automated help desk.

Provide patients with the convenient method to drop queries and receive replies; e.g Information about visiting hours, contact details and availability of physicians, tap to call functions, real time estimates for ER wait time and so forth.

Mobile Asset Management & Tracking.

Smart scanners and RFID technology enables you to maintain a complete digital database of all your assets in one place, enabling you to manage, track and locate assets in different departments easily.

Mobile Radiology.

High resolutions X-rays and ultrasound images can be sent with advanced compression techniques directly to physician’s tablet computer, facilitating diagnostics and management of patients data.


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