We know a lot about building finance apps and customized fintech solutions for a variety of businesses and organizations that need to meet rapidly evolving customer expectations.

The Problem.

In these times no financial institution can afford to avoid finance apps strategies. You’re competing against established financial groups with money and manpower behind digital innovation as well as agile startups with an innovative digital business models. Since it is such a competitive landscape, acquiring customers, retaining and keeping them engaged with specialized services and solutions is crucial to your success.

The Solution.

With comprehensive mobile solutions, Matsuu can help in providing easier access to banking services and better customer service; therefore creating an opportunity to upsell, reduce operational costs and broaden reach.

In today’s highly competitive environment, we provide custom digital solutions, like finance apps and fintech platforms to help banks and financial companies at every stage of their business. If you are looking for a team with over 30 years in collective experience in building innovative software for financial institutions, contact us today!

Out portfolio of service offerings include:

Enterprise Mobility.

We help financial institutions leverage mobile information technologies by enabling banks, lenders, insurance companies, and other financial service providers improve operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and enhance productivity.

Implementing an enterprise mobility strategy enables employees to work remotely and securely manage their customer’s data directly from their mobile devices.

Consumer Digital Solutions.

Matsuu can help your organization design and develop sustainable and scalable commercial mobile platforms that are both secure and user-friendly.

We help you build banking and mobile finance apps that connect you with your customers through the the phone in their pocket, using industry-proven technologies.

Sales and Marketing.

Matsuu’s sales and marketing solutions are based upon integrated approach which connects marketing, sales and IT. Apps we can build for you will harness the power of data analytics and mobility to bring real improvements in your strategy and planning.

We can provide your representatives on-the-go access to sales tools that reduce operational costs, attract customers and deliver new level of engagement and sales. All of this by leveraging our experience in big data, machine learning and social media platforms.


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