We apply a winning process to strategy, design and engineering to create world-class digital applications.

Matsuu Solutions.


Customers demand superior experiences from retailers – we build solutions for memorable experiences, to make shopping a pure pleasure.

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Patients want to be informed – and our integrated solutions can enable healthcare organizations to securely share crucial informations with them, renew customer experience and derive better health outcomes.

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Financial services need to be more facile – and we can help leveraging the power of mobility to provide better customer service; thereby creating an opportunity to upsell, reduce operational costs and broaden your reach.

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Digital & Marketing

You want to make lasting impression on your users through experiences that only you can imagine – but we can make them a reality. We create immersive, rich digital forms,, tailored not only towards specific industries and markets, but also your individual needs.


The last thing you need during the creation of new company is to worry about IT. Concentrate your effort on the core of your business and let us identify ways to support you in the field of mobile apps. We will look after your ideas and facilitate their recreation into working solutions.


Solutions created with consumer market in mind just don’t work for enterprises – you need availability, high scalability, control, security and compliance. We can build such apps for you, accommodating any technological and legal issues you may have.

Our way.

We create mobile applications, designed and engineered with the modern principles and technologies, to fulfill needs of even most demanding customers.

The world become mobile, the connectivity of our civilization goes beyond smartphones and computers, towards the Internet of Things. In such timest mobile solutions require technology that can not only keep up, but lead the charge.

By supporting your goals with our solutions, it is our singular focus to help you mobilize your business to be more agile, more efficient, and more productive.


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