Our story.

Matsuu is a Software House from Poland, listed amongst Top500 B2B Providers by the renowned Clutch.co site. Since 2015 we deliver custom mobile and web solutions, with dozens of satisfied customers.

We take your ideas and transform them into real business opportunities that bring value to your customers. We help you see beyond the obvious, crafting for you beautiful native apps for iOS and Android, the way that makes them truly outstanding across the platforms. For demanding clients, we build cutting-edge customized web solutions.

With our unique position in Tri-City on the shores of the Baltic Sea, we have access to a large pool of talents, technical university graduates, hackerspace regulars, startup veterans. It is because of their ingenuity and hard work we can deliver quality apps at competitive prices.

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We encourage our clients and partners to consider Matsuu as their CMO, CSO and CTO, because our experienced and knowledgeable team lets them focus on what is important: building their business!

Matsuu Leadership Robert Kwiatkowski

Robert Kwiatkowski


Mariusz Turula


Matsuu Leaderhsip Carsten Demuth

Carsten Demuth


Matsuu we the crafters

We the Crafters.

We are group of digital natives who have grown tired of the corporate rat race. In 2015 we decided enough is enough and launched Matsuu – a creative mobile app development and design agency that celebrates creativity, nurtures innovation and the belief that “Doing what you love, is where happiness is”.

Our team is full of fresh, creative thinkers who are enthusiastic and passionate about pushing boundaries of design and development for the best mobile app experiences. We marry design and function with user-centric methodology to develop engaging applications that intuitively enable users to thrive at work, life and play.

Matsuu develops a wide range of innovative applications for smartphones, tablets and connected devices. With competencies in design and development across mobility platforms; iOS (iPhone, watchOS, tvOS), Android, AR/VR, wearable devices and AI / machine learning integration, we can build your product to be light years ahead of the competition.

Matsuu Why Matsuu

Why Matsuu.

With the bulk of our R&D out of Tri-city area, Poland, a dense engineering hub that currently is home to some of the largest tech giants; Amazon, Intel, Jeppesen (part of Boeing), you’ll have access to top notch talent at competitive rates. Our experienced team consists of experts in business, design and mobile platform development with deep expertise in knowing the requirements from idea to architecture to deployment.

At Matsuu, we strive to embed innovation at every phase of product development, from strategy to design to build. This best practice is critical to developing digital products that surpass client expectations and provide immersive user experiences.

Matsuu studio

Matsuu Studio.

We have the ability to take complex ideas and transform them into user-friendly systems and designs. Our methodology is based on traditional design and agile development principles, but we refuse to be boxed in by them. We push creative UI to its most meaningful limits to give users not just a beautiful experience, but more importantly, the expected experience.

Your mobile experience may be the first, and sometimes only, interaction that users have with your brand. We create apps with logical and flexible structure that are intuitive and easy-to-use. Development is based on user research, persona development, creative conceptual development, sketching, wireframing and prototyping.

What are you waiting for?! Let’s build the next big thing. Together.


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