The New Generation of Search Engine Optimization

We optimize websites for search engines, increasing their speed, adaptability to mobile devices, communication security and content quality.

What is marketing for robots?

There was a time when website optimization was all about putting the right keywords on your website and linking it to other websites. It was enough  to get a place in the top ten of Google’s search results. This has led to unpleasant consequences: entire pages stuffed with keywords, entire farms of incoming links – all of this to deceive search engines and win over the competition.

Fortunately, that time has passed. Since Google took its mission of improving search results more seriously, keywords and links have not only ceased to be sufficient, but have even started to be harmful if misused. Today, at least 50% of the visibility in the search engine can be attributed to the programming layer of the website. This can be seen most prominently in the search results for mobile devices!

This is a blow to traditional SEO marketers, whose skills are limited to handling a visual HTML editor, selecting keywords and obtaining backlinks from farm links and (hopefully) pages with high ranking.

Today, Google is primarily promoting websites which are fast, mobile-friendly, properly written, standard-coded, encrypted and full of valuable content. Today is the time for a completely new SEO.

Time for marketing for robots, where tricks with keywords will not help you a lot, where the technical quality of websites counts. Such work is possible only on the basis of a high level of development and design competence.

What are the benefits of marketing for robots?

The pages we optimize will be ranked higher in the search results, but that’s not all.

By increasing the speed and convenience of use on mobile devices, conversion from websites will also increase, allowing the full potential of mobile Internet to be unleashed.

Today, more than 60 percent of consumers already use their smartphones and tablets to make quick purchasing decisions, but for a customer to be ready to make such a quick decision, the site he or she is visiting needs to be as fast as possible.

This can be felt most noticeably in online shops. Although the average download time for e-commerce websites is about 5 seconds, the best ones load in no more than 2 seconds. Here, every second more means a reduction in the conversion rate of up to 7 percent.

This means that the more traffic you have on your website, the more benefits you will gain from speeding up the operation of your websites.

How do we optimize websites?

We are able to create such a website for you from scratch, as well as redesign the existing one, so that it can again fight for the position on the first page of Google’s results. There is hardly any room there, only ten organic positions on the first page, and the second is of practically no interest to anyone anymore.

For this purpose, we carry out an in-depth technical analysis of your website and its hosting infrastructure. On its basis, a report is produced outlining the current state of affairs, including competitors, threats and opportunities.

If you agree with the conclusions of our report, we will then develop a comprehensive optimisation plan that includes:

  • Code-adjustment in accordance with HTML5/CSS3 guidelines.
  • increase of JavaScript code performance and page code compression
  • compression of multimedia resources of a website (graphics, photos, videos)
  • correcting the order in which the code and the resources of the page are loaded
  • clearing the database of unnecessary records and streamlining database operations
  • removing unnecessary plugins and widgets from the site
  • implementing responsive design for mobile devices
  • implementation of a cache layer for dynamic sites
  • use of HTTPS encryption
  • reducing the number of requests in browsers
  • describing all subpages of the website with appropriate metadata and semantic tags for the search engine
  • improving the content in terms of the quality of the text and the appropriate frequency of keywords
  • improving the configuration of the hosting, or possibly moving the hosting to a better provider.

All these activities are carried out in agile methodology. We will complete them as soon as possible in the cycle of two-week sprints, without any interruptions in the operation of your website.

In just one month, you will notice the beneficial effects of our optimization. Marketing may be for robots, but the sale of your products and services is definitely for the people.


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