Magento 2: your ultimate solution for eCommerce

We create online stores and mobile shopping apps based on the Magento 2 – most efficient and flexible eCommerce solution.

Magento 2 has been declared as Market Leader in its ability to execute and completeness of vision*. It is the only Open Source solution able to compete with much more expensive Enterprise offerings from Oracle, SAP, and IBM.

*Gartner Magic Quadrant, May 2018
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We will build for you an online store which will handle even the biggest volume of sales, which will look exactly the way you want and which will be easy to use.

Magento 2 performance advantage

Magento 2 features advantage

  • over 200,000 renowned companies use Magento, including Ford, Samsung, Lenovo, Nestle, and Nike,
  • nearly 400,000 live websites using Magento worldwide,
  • over 16,000 live websites using Magento in the top 1 million sites,
  • over 2,500 live websites in top 100,000 sites,
  • amongst top 3 providers in the top 500 Internet retail companies.

Our services

eCommerce Design & Development

We have the technological and business expertise to provide you with beautiful and profitable eCommerce sites and apps.

API Integrations

We can integrate your Magento platform with virtually any kind of IT system, enabling sharing product and customer data in real time for highest efficiency.

Magento Upgrades & Migrations

We know how to seamlessly upgrade outdated and legacy sales platforms to the latest version of Magento with the newest features, including powerful search engines and mobile frontends.

Magento Trainings

We help the store owners and their staff achieve a better understanding of the Magento platform and use its powerful features for the benefit of their business.

Magento Mobile Apps

We build dedicated iOS and Android shopping apps, seamlessly integrated with online stores, using the latest mobile technologies.

Magento Loyalty system

We design and implement gamification solutions that attract customers and engage them in shopping.

Why Magento?

Limitless customization

Thanks to its open source code, we can overwrite and extend built-in functionality and perform direct operations on the entire database. You're free from the vendor lock-in.


Magento can host up to 500,000 products on one site and can easily handle over 80,000 orders per hour.

Versatile Content Management

An intuitive, visual-based page editor allows shop owners to build and customize their offerings on the fly.

Mobile friendly frontends

Magento shopping carts are developed in a fluid, responsive way, making them seamlessly viewable on mobile devices.

Advanced Search Engine Optimization

100% search engine friendly, supports sitemaps, URL rewrites, meta titles, meta descriptions, and microdata.

Build-in upsell and cross-sells

It is easy to add prompts to browse related options on product and checkout pages, increasing sales potential.

Advanced analytics and reporting

Integrated with Google Analytics, admin dashboard for reports which delivers accurate business intelligence and sales reports.

Global site management

Multilingual sites, localization in multiple languages and countries, currency conversions, respective tax rates and multiple payment options.

Intelligent search and filtering

Improved user experience with search features that dynamically filter product lists according to a multitude of parameters.

Magento by numbers

85 mln

Online shoppers served

190 bln

Worldwide sales in U.S. Dollars


Companies, a thriving Magento community

Our mobile focus – Magento mCommerce

Regular responsive web pages are not capable of exploiting the full sales potential of mobile devices. Turn all your mobile users into loyal customers with dedicated shopping apps for iOS and Android.

We are experts in developing beautiful and useful native apps. We know how to use technology to increase conversion. We will build shopping apps for you and integrate them with your online Magento store to achieve seamless omnichannel experience.

mCommerce advantages

Better shopping everywhere

While eCommerce has already made shopping more convenient, giving consumers easy access to a wider variety of products in more competitive pricing, mCommerce goes one step further: now consumers can shop whenever they want, wherever they are. This means that retailers investing more in mobile commerce can ultimately expect a higher conversion rate and ROI.

Technological superiority

Mobile technologies enhance the customer experience: Geolocation and push notifications help to deliver personalized content, Augmented Reality opens the new ways of interactions with products, chatbots make easier for business to interact with their customers, while Machine Learning enables natural communication.

Omnichannel experience

An omnichannel experience is when stores sell both online and offline – likely also selling through multiple online channels. Omnichannel is about being where your customers are and making it possible for them to buy what they want. mCommerce makes this easier than any other form of multichannel marketing and selling.

Quick and convenient payments

Finally, it is possible to offer customers a truly diverse range of payment convenient options, like Apple Pay or Amazon Pay. These services make one-click checkouts possible in more than one store. No more having to manually enter your credit card details and shipping details every time you shop at a new online store. At the checkout you simply select the mobile wallet you are registered with, and authenticate using touch or a PIN.

Better conversion

% of users who have finalized transaction in online store

Better engagement

% share of generated views

Loyalty programs and gamification engines

Gamification is a method of deriving attractive and engaging elements commonly found in games to apply them in real-world activities.

We use it to build e-commerce solutions that not only attract new customers but also ensure that old customers will be always coming back.

Gamification Core Drives Chart

Loyalty program for eCommerce platform

Games have accumulated centuries of experience on how to master motivation and engagement.

Through gamification, we optimize the user experience of online stores and mobile shopping apps for your customer’s feelings and motivations.

We build loyalty systems, which bring more fun than just earning points – our solutions appeal to core psychological drives, motivating customers to buy from you.

Why choose Matsuu?


We are able to do much more than just implement a standard online store. Our programmers have a thorough knowledge of the entire Magento 2 technological stack. We design and build a solution tailored exactly to your needs, including an online store, mobile shopping apps, integration with online payments and ERP systems.


In Matsuu you will find eCommerce specialists who have been creating and developing stores on Magento for 10 years. This experience allows us to boldly take advantage of the latest trends: we can leverage augmented reality (AR), gamification, machine learning and integration with the Internet of Things.


We offer more than just programming. We will take care of your e-commerce from start to finish. We will build your brand, prepare sales, marketing and SEO strategies. After the timely delivery of the store, we will not leave you alone – you will have full support 24/7.

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