iOS App Development

We’ve been creating beautiful iOS applications for years.

The Matsuu iOS developers had experience with Apple’s mobile platform since 2009 when it was still called iPhone OS, and no one could imagine, how big the app business will become. After all these years we know it inside out – and by combining this knowledge with beautiful design and market analysis, we create mobile solutions which help our customers in achieving their business goals.

How do we develop iOS apps?

We firmly believe in agile methodology in development, to accelerate the process of building software and bring it as fast as possible into hands of users. Working in two weeks sprints, guided by your feedback, we strive to create apps excellent in both aesthetics and usability, but above all, resolving your problems.

We look upon app creation as the compound process, involving not only programmers and testers but designers of user experience and user interface, business analyst, digital marketing specialists and even public relations experts.

We use cutting edge mobile technologies to make your ideas tangible – but not before reviewing the value proposition of your idea. In that way, we help to minimize risk and speed up your time to market.

In that way we focus on two aspects while building you app: quality of product and speed of delivery, always try.

Why do we develop iOS apps?

One might have the impression that the iOS become rather irrelevant in these times. After all Android phones in all sizes and shapes have overtaken the market: according to Gartner, at the end of 2016, Android had nearly 82% of smartphone market, while the iOS had about 18%. With such discrepancy do you have any reason to treat iPhone as equal to Android in your strategy?

Well – market share is not everything. While it is true that for one iPhone you have now five smartphones with Android operating system, the iOS platform still generates the most revenue. Apple devices are considered premium product and their owners pay for apps many times more. According to App Annie, the income gap between Android and iOS is still a fact – in 2016 average iOS download has generated four times the revenue compared to Google Play.

We consider both iOS app development and Android app development as two equally important ventures but use different models of monetization for these platforms in our overall business solutions – always playing on their strong points. You can be sure that deciding to build an iOS app is a good decision. The ability to reach into the important part of your customers base can’t be overrated.

How do we design iOS app?

In creating an iOS app, we strive to achieve a balance between usability, innovation, and awesomeness. After all, a book is often judged by its cover, and you have only one chance to make a good impression, yet one cannot forget the fundamental function of the book. By using focus groups, we capture point of view of an end-user and build a script outlining their transformative experience with the app.

Then we produce wireframes showing how each function of the app will work. Building on these, we design the screens of the app, to give you a sense of what the app will look like, including its key features, screen layout and color scheme. With your feedback on such prototype, we make necessary changes and move towards working mockups of an app for developers.

With such custom process right from scratch, we achieve something that is not possible through off-the-shelf app templates – a memorable experience, tailored to your brand and your audience.


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