Foundation Package

Why forethought needs to be at the forefront of your Digital Transformation.

New York, May 25. 2017: Matsuu, creative mobile app development and design studio that help startups and enterprises transform ideas into experiences, announces the launch of Foundation Package – the perfect solution for appraising and evaluating business models, brands, services and products.

No one denies the need for a digital strategy anymore. Companies of all sizes – from Fortune 500 enterprises down to small family businesses – rush towards transformation into digital-first organizations. Benefits are clear; there is an opportunity for more agile players to take over the market, deny the place for those who adapt too slowly. Everyone is spending money on mobile, emerging technologies, web services, internet of things, etc. Companies that are handling this digital transformation well are taking over their markets. Those that adapt not fast enough are already losing market share to faster, more agile players.

No one wants to be too slow, the risk of being left behind is too big. A lot of market participants, driven by a mix of fear, uncertainty, and feeling of urgency, invest money in everything that may have “digital” or “mobile” label stuck to it. This race to customer engagement burns company resources without guarantee of success – and instead of success can bring disastrous failure.

“Our experience with both startups and enterprises shows that most ideas for digital transformation aren’t viable and can’t be effectively monetised even in the long term”, says Robert Kwiatkowski, CEO of Matsuu. “While the larger companies have enough staying power to survive mistakes, for the new player’s first mistake can be their last one. For the next try there could be no further resources”, he adds.

As the solution for this market need, Matsuu introduces Foundation Package. Based upon agile methodologies, this consultancy service brings to the market very effective way for the evaluating new ideas before their costly implementation. Consisting of two basic modules, Market Entry and Product Development, it helps to verify the correctness of message value propositions across market, usability and emotional impact in multichannel digital experience. After verification, the Foundation Package allows complex optimizations over project development, increasing probability of reaching business and investment goals.

“Using both industry-proven and innovative methods for market research and business analytics, our experts can help in design, development and implementation phases of entry-to-market product strategies for startups and established enterprises. With the precise identification of risks, we demonstrate strategies of their mitigation. With optimized value propositions, we develop scalable product promotion plan that can intend to implement across the most engaging communication channels”, said Robert Kwiatkowski.

After the research phase, the Matsuu Team will create product development plan, financial budget, assessment of technologies needed for implementation and schedule for a minimum viable product (MVP). Matsuu experts will also identify opportunities for product development after the launch of MVP, to help in efficiently achieving market goals.

The initial results have been fantastic. Trials of Foundation Package have shown a 40 percent development cost savings – all of this due to the clear roadmap and better estimation of needed technologies. With the viable marketing strategy, the costs of communication across the media channels were decreased almost by 30 percent. But the most profound where time savings: on average time spent from declaring an idea to building an MVP was halved in half.

“It is only natural for us to move towards more integrated solutions for our customers. Simple app design and development is no longer enough in contemporary, quick moving market. The competition is high, and you can’t focus on digital user experience when you can’t see the whole picture. With the Foundation Package we can offer our customers necessary foresight before investment in product development, certainty that their resources will be adequately spent and bring expected rates of investment”, said Dan Sherman, Matsuu VP of Business Development.

In other words, research is the key to success in transformation. To become a digital-first digital company, you need to forethought your change strategy. Instead of hastily bringing half-baked products to market, you need to bring your idea to a laboratory, where can be optimized and tested in all your customer-facing aspects, from marketing to support.


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