Our Approach

Our smart approach focuses on getting things done.

How We Work.

Matsuu Process Explore


Recognize Business Objectives.

Matsuu Process Plan


Research and define business processes.

Matsuu Process Design


Prepare the prototype.

Matsuu Process Shape


Build a Minimum Viable Product.

Matsuu Process Improve


Development of working system.

Matsuu Process Check


Test and release to production.

Matsuu Process Care


Operate and support to release.

Agile Collaboration.

We use the agile approach on the strategic level to address our clients real needs and challenges, because it emphasizes collaboration and tangible results. By following the best practices in creating, maintaining and delivering software projects, we aim towards performance, ingenuity and quality. In that way we optimize the time spent on developing the application, decrease business risks and quicken time-to-market.

With Matsuu clients are involved in development process both for project input, selection of tasks and validation – with all the help needed to translate the business language of needs and challenges into the engineering language of code and design. Such highly collaborative approach helps us to take advantage of teamwork and enables us to deliver successful solutions to both North American and European clients.

Smart Delivery.

Here at Matsuu, our development process begins with Rapid Prototyping, then moving on to building Minimum Viable Project, and then continuing development and supporting the project post-release. By adopting an agile approach we achieve measurable goals at each stage of the project’s life cycle.

Before starting work on each release, we coordinate with the product owner the inclusion of features, fixes, enhancements and services. Eventually these work items are distributed across the 4-6 sprints. The final sprint is just for tests and measurements of finished tasks. Duration of our sprints depends on the needs of the project, but we strive to make them just long enough to finish meaningful work – and declare it done.


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