Android App Development

We’ve been creating beautiful applications for android for years.

How do we develop apps?

The Matsuu development team consists of experts in Android app development. Our software is born in an agile process, with the optimized logic and natural, intuitive interfaces in mind. We create mobile applications, backend platforms and web experiences, which taken together help our customers in achieving their goals.

For us, not the code, nor design can be taken separately, apart from these goals. For us, agility comes from a strategic understanding of market trends, customer position, and business opportunities. The idea itself is not enough to achieve success in the highly competitive world, but with the proper market research, it can flourish into successful technological solution.

With data gathered and analyzed, we focus on demonstrating an intuitive user experience and attractive user interface – because as we all know, a book is often judged by its cover and you have only one chance to make a good impression. We don’t stop until we transform your vision into truly creative work.

Then our team of innovators, developers and designers will align its experiences in mobile technology to build your app in two weeks sprints. With the focus on the creation of core features, we give you full ability to participate in this process and provide your feedback after each sprint. With such comments, we can lay out best designs and solutions on the road to building fully working app, tailored to your expectations.

How do we develop Android apps?

Our team is using Android Studio with such additional tools as AVD Manager and Android Device Monitor, using both virtual machines and real hardware as a development platform. We have in-depth experience with both Android SDK and Android NDK, programming apps in both Java and C/C++.

We are experts in using high-quality open source libraries in commercial projects, to improve time-to-market and quality of code. Dagger, LeakCanary, ButterKnife, Retrofit, GSON, Eventbus, ActiveAndroid, Glide and many others – we know how to use them in the most efficient way to avoid reinventing the wheel.
By utilizing tools for documenting the code, like Doxygen, and following the best practices for unit test development, we deliver high-quality apps, stable, secure, easy to support and easy to enrich with new features.

We are up to date with the development of Android Operating System and all new features introduced by Google, like the Constraint Layouts, to achieve responsive user interfaces and Split Screen, to take advantage of multitasking on modern devices.

How do we design Android Apps?

Applications must be dynamic, and so our design process that varies as per the product, taking into account customer preferences, target groups, and other relative variables. Of course, we speak fluently Material, a Google design language focused on the simple flat look and responsive interaction, yet we are open to experimenting with even very wild ideas of user experience. After all, imagination is the key to distinguishing your app amongst all these competitors, and we like to break the barriers.

Once we conclude the expected user experience, our team provides you with blueprints of your app and start work on wireframes and design mockups. Our designs bring emotions to the software solutions, with the help of intuition, research, prototyping, and validation. With such custom designs right from scratch, we achieve something that is not possible through off-the-shelf app template – a memorable experience, tailored to your brand and your customers.

Our team strives to create mobile experiences that keep users coming back. We don’t want to build just any app for money. We endeavor to create sleek apps that are remembered and talked about by, innovative, polished and used for pleasure.


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