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Online sales have a huge, still untapped potential. That is why we design and implement modern online stores and shopping apps for merchants from all over the world. We help to achieve multi-channel sales by creating beautiful mobile apps and engaging loyalty programs.

Sharing Economy

More and more people are using applications such as Uber or Airbnb to make money from sharing their resources or services. We create innovative apps that make it easy to share vehicles, facilities, and even skills - everything profitably, securely, and conveniently.

Finance and Insurance

No financial institution can operate today without innovative technologies. That is why we provide tailor-made solutions for banks, insurance companies and financial start-ups that facilitate access to services, improve customer care, increase sales and reduce operating costs.

Other projects

In addition to the aforementioned areas, we have experience in projects related to medicine, sports, industry, media, virtual communities, and online dating. Agile work methodology and broad competencies of our team allow us to take up practically every challenge.

In this we are great

Native mobile apps

Our developers build beautiful and efficient apps for Android and iOS. If necessary, we will employ augmented reality, machine learning, biometry, geolocation, chat systems and the Internet of Things.

Responsive Web Pages

Every business needs a website - whether it's just an elegant showpiece or a big sales platform. We design and implement web solutions of all kinds, tailored to mobile devices and using the most up-to-date browser capabilities.

Progressive Web Apps

Where it is not advisable to invest in a mobile application, one should consider a progressive web application (PWA). We build solutions that allow you to go beyond the limitations of websites on mobile devices, providing conversion comparable to native apps.

Design Thinking workshops

We teach how to use creative design strategies to systematize innovation and fine-tune ideas. Thanks to these workshops, good ideas will be transformed into prototypes of IT solutions, tailored to the real needs of end users.

UX/UI Design

Whether in mobile or web applications, form and function always go hand in hand. We use a methodology that focuses on people, their needs, expectations, and opportunities to design interfaces that will support business goals and make users happy.


We use guidelines commonly used in designing games in creating apps that are not games but business solutions. The aim is to make such an application more interesting and engaging for users.

Marketing for robots

Ordinary SEO is no longer enough: we optimize the websites for search engines, using software engineering techniques. We increase the performance of code, adjust designs to mobile devices, and improve the content to achieve the top rankings in Google.

System integrations

Most modern IT systems cannot operate in isolation. We are able to connect anything with everything, from a simple website integration with CRM to advanced integration of large stores and warehouses with ERP systems.

Audits and consultancy

We study the market and the competition in every industry in which our customers operate. We create reports to help them see what's not obvious. We analyze the profitability of software investments, invent monetization strategies, assess legal risks and GDPR compliance.

Matsuu Team

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Meet the people behind the machines

Our software house consists of people who are creators of new ideas, true enthusiasts of pushing the boundaries of code and design to create the best user experience. Combining innovative form and function with agile working methods, we build attractive, intuitive mobile and web solutions for work, play and a better life.



Google-supported TypeScript framework intended for building any kind of complex web applications.


Super lightweight JavaScript framework for user interfaces and one-page apps, especially for online sales.


Powerful and universal JavaScript framework, best for building hyper-scalable Internet platforms.


A library created by Facebook to build responsive user interfaces.


Progressive web applications, i.e. a solution for convenient and cheap mobile applications.


The highly popular server-side programming language, especially useful in building portals and online stores.


A sleek PHP framework that allows you to quickly build extremely fast web applications.


Powerful PHP framework, designed primarily for the development of large, complex projects.

Android SDK

A development toolkit for over two billion Android devices.


A language better than Java, yet fully interoperable - and is great for development on Android platform


Development tools for creating applications for the operating system of Apple mobile devices.


Apple's state-of-the-art programming language for creating high-performance mobile apps.


Multiplatform graphical engine for the development of games and simulations.

React Native

A mobile framework from Facebook allows to quickly develop native apps running on both iOS and Android systems.


Innovative Google framework that helps quickly build beautiful native apps for both Android and iOS.


The most popular CMS, along with a WooCoomerce plugin allows creating nice, inexpensive online stores.


E-commerce platform with great possibilities, useful when we expect a large number of transactions.

Magento 2

The most powerful eCommerce engine, which will handle every challenge and works very well with mobile shopping apps.


The platform for the creation of content and apps of augmented reality on Android devices.


The platform for the creation of content and apps for augmented reality on Apple systems.

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